Our Message

We are happy to offer an extensive collection of computer based services.

The company's goals are defined by the rule of reliable and consistent provision of services and quality products for our Customers.

Computer Maintenance

Is your computer running slower then usual?  Learn skills to maintain your computer and to get it back to it’s rightful speed.

Computer & Electronic Devices

Notebooks/Laptops, Server & WorkStation, Network Device, Hardware Components, Drives & Storage Devices, Tablets and Printers & Scanners.

Computer Networks

As well as having the ability to install the basis of your network we will also advise on the best technologies in terms of network switches, routers, firewalls, internet services based on your requirements.

CCTV & Security Systems

Are you worried about leaving an empty house full of valuables when you travel? Are you concerned with your family's safety due to the rising crime rate in your neighborhood? Security systems are becoming more of an necessity today for your homes and businesses.


Contact US

Address: 138 B Gesr El-Suez Street, EL-Zeiton, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: 26386409, Mobile: 01002166167

Fax: 26386409

Email: support@free-tec.com


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